Burhanpur Town







The City has been declared as   District Head Quarter of Burhanpur District on 15/08/2003

The City Burhanpur is famous for its Muslim monuments,Gurudwara of Sikhk Religion, Dargah-e-hakimi of Bohra sect. The city  is the witness of many events of great historic importance. Being the seat of viceroys, the city was greatly extended and embellished. Burhanpur was internationally famous for its fine cloth manufacturing, Gold-wire drawing and other allied industries and crafts. 

Historical Gurudwara of Burhanpur

The place is counted as an Important pilgrimage of   Khalsa sect. The First and the Last Guru, Guru Nanak Devji & Guru Govind Singhji Maharaj  of Khalsa sect had visited the place. Guru Nanak Devji visited the Gurudwara located at the bank of Tapti river ( RajGhat). Guru Nanak Devji also signed on the holy Guru Grantha Sahib. One can visit the Weapons and Guru Grantha Sahib of Guru Govind Singh Ji Maharaj. The Gurudwara is approx. 400 years old and counted with the Anandpur (Punjab), Patna (Bihar) and Nanded (Maharastra) pilgrimage of sikhkhas.

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This monument is situated in front of Royal fort in Zainabad. The place was Royal leisure pavilions during the Mughal time. Body of Mumtaj Mahal was buried at this place for six months. This is a very good example of Mughal architecture.


Khuni Bhandara

With a view of supplying pure water the Mughal rulers constructed 8 system of water works, which at different times, have supplied water to this populous city. These water works are specimen of unparalleled construction technique and may be counted as glorious relics of the Mughal engineering ingenuity and skill which entailed enormous expenditure. They were, probably, constructed for the most part in the reign of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb.


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Dargah-e-Hakimi  is situated at Lodhipura village, 2 Kms away from Burhanpur town in the memory of Quamili Saiyyadi & moula-e-bava Abdul Quadir Hakimm-ud-din. Thousands of pilgrims of Bohra sect visit the place from all over the world. Other mazar are of roz-e-mubarak 41 and da-el mutallak  Saiyyaddna Abdul Taiyyab Jaqui-ud-din Saheb and wali-ul Murtaj Saiyyadi Sheikh  Jivanji. In the west of this Mazar, there is a beautiful mosque and a Haquimi garden.

Royal Hammam

This monument is situated in the Faruqui fort. The monument was constructed by Shah-Jahan, The Mughal Emperor. In the middle of the monument there is a octagonal bath-place. The bath-place was connected with the water system of Khuni Bhandara. On the ceiling of the monument colourful Mughal Paintings can be seen.


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The famous Gurudwara is situated here. The place is on the bank of Tapti. Several Hindu temples of Shaiv and Vaishnav are located here. The foot prints of various Hindu saints at this place are of religious importance. Lal Deval Temple of the place is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Faruqui fort is also located near the place.